13 Years Later

August 23, 2006. For many, that date carries minuscule meaning, if any. For us at Tubs and More, it marks the day that we came to serve a family whose bathroom was in dire need of restoration.

It was a cloudy Wednesday when our founder, Dahl Moss, rode to this family’s home in a small burgundy pickup truck. He was prepared for the task at hand, but he was unaware that one refinished tub could lead to a life-changing connection.

As a result, we are here 13 years later to sit down and talk with one of our very first customers and a proud Air Force Veteran: Mr. Ira Paul. Here is a sneak peek of the awesome dialogue we shared.

T&M: What is one thing that you believe Tubs and More does well?

IP: They were meticulous. With the other guys, I had a lot of oversprays and everything else, but they [Tubs and More] were meticulous and got here on time.

If you could describe Tubs and More with one word, which word would you use?


And why is that?

Well, they did what they said they would do, and they did it right. The customer service was excellent, and I was pleased with it.

That’s awesome! We fixed your bathtub over a decade ago. Have you had any more trouble since then?

No. Not at all [laughing]. Dahl came out to fix the tub, and I’m really happy with it.

Customer: Ira Paul (Kathleen, GA)

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