Why should you refinish your sink or bathtub?

The process of restoring a bathtub’s original beauty with a new, durable coat involves various steps: refinishing, reglazing, resurfacing, and painting.

Tubs and More provides cost-effective solutions that will save money over replacement. Bathroom remodeling can be expensive, and it is often difficult to replace the older tubs with a tub that has the same size. In fact, most modern replacement tubs are not made with the same quality and they are usually more narrow than the original tub.

Does my bathtub need refinishing?

If your bathtub has become difficult to keep clean or has stains, it is time for your tub to be reglazed. Over time, water can cause the original finish to deteriorate and make it easy to collect dirt and stains. Since porcelain tubs are porous, a worn porcelain tub will always catch dirt and become more difficult to clean. If you have to use hard products that contain abrasives to remove the dirt from your tub, your tub is in definite need of a new finish. Besides, abrasive cleaners only break the surface down even more and allow more dirt to be captured after each bath.

What kind of products do you use?

Tubs and More uses an acrylic-based material that is non-porous, durable, and provides a shine that will last for many years. Many customers often try to purchase bathtub paint, but often realize reglazing is a task for a professional.

Advantages of our product over other companies:

  • Retains color and luster (unlike epoxy, which will yellow)
  • Won’t crack or chip if you drop a shampoo bottle
  • Resists scratches and abrasion
  • Low odor (yes, you can stay home while we do the work)
  • Eco-Friendly
  • What about caulk around the bathtub?
  • We remove all worn caulk and re-caulk the bathtub.

How long does the process take?

The average tub can be resurfaced in 3-4 hours.

How do I clean my refinished bathtub?

It will be important to avoid cleaners that have abrasives like Ajax or Comet; Soft Scrub even has a mild agent that will damage a newly finished tub over time.
We offer a product that is designed to clean the tub while maintaining its original luster. If you do not use our product, we suggest using a cleaner that is safe for acrylics. Our cleaner is designed for all refinished surfaces; contact our office for products.

How long will my new finish last?

In most cases, our finishes last 10+ years. All services provided by Tubs and More come with a guarantee.

Can you install an anti-slip treatment at the bottom of the tub?

Yes, we can install a non-skid surface to the tub bottom for a small fee. A non-skid floor will make your bathtub safer, as you will not need to use a bath mat. Avoiding the use of a bathmat can extend the life of your bathtub finish.

Is the new finish guaranteed?

Tubs and More offers a warranty on our refinishing services that protects against peeling, blistering, or warping.

Our warranty does not cover any damage to fixtures caused by natural wear and tear, stains, negligence, accidents, abuse, misuse alterations, or improper maintenance.

For full details on our warranty, feel free to contact us for a copy of our most current warranty statement.