Tubs and More provide acrylic tub liners and wall systems that cover bath tubs and give an entirely different look. The acrylic liners provided are the thickest in the bath liner industry and is also available in many different colors and patterns.

What is a Bathliner or Bathtub Liner?

A bathliner is a new (.270″ – .325″ thick) acrylic bathtub that is custom-molded to fit right over the existing bathtub. Measurements and photos are taken of the existing bathtub and are entered into our tub identification program to determine what mold is the exact duplicate. Then, a sheet of acrylic bathtub material is thermoformed to the exact dimensions.

What is the installation time?

Normally, a complete tub and wall system is installed in one day by one installer.

What are the color selections?

Bathliners and shower baseliners are available in nine colors: white, almond, biscuit, gray, pearl, pewter, white granite, beige granite, and gray granite. Wall surrounds are available in the nine bathliner colors plus our marbleized selections: silver/white, almond/white and travertine for a total of 12 colors. A 4″x 4″ and 8″x10″ simulated-tile pattern and a wainscoting pattern is also available in all 12 colors.

How much does a bathtub liner cost?

The cost of a bathtub liner and wall system is far less than larger companies that install these products. As an independent installer, the overall costs are much less. An average cost to cover a bathtub and wall is $3500.00; cost does not include hardware, wood repair or any other special plumbing that may be required.